Happy birthday 'The Best One' I created this image to give to my auntie 'eleni' for her 4043rd Birthday in 2003  .   Mother-Dearest In the picture the birds flying over are thinking 'I Bet I Can Poo On Her From Hear' and the statue of the man holding a spear is saying 'Can I Drop This F%^&ing Stick Now'. Still This Mothers Day Card Is Pretty.   I have to be nice For Mothers Day, I created this lovely card for my Mum, and scripted abuse was vomited up on the inside of the card. It took me two weeks to get out of the hospital.
If my father is gay, can I dance on broadway!!! An Early example of a Birthday Card I designed for my Dad (My Dads the one with Hair).   Adult abuse This image has been created by copying a still from te 'ENTER THE DRAGON' movie, inserting a picture of Elvis (as you do), and finally inserting my Dad's face (As this image was used on my Dads Birthaday Card).   My sarcasum knows NO bounds... Mummy A Birthday Card for my mother this time (My mums the one that is not a cartoon dog with a gun). She would not speak to me for a week this time.
Framed & Postal Banners
The bitch is back This is an amalgamated picture of my Uncle Chris (Who is a bitch) & The Hulk... (Who's Not A Bitch... More A Rabid Dog).   Family This is a manipulated picture of my grandmother and all her children. With and old image of them hovering in the background.   Lisence to mail... My older brother Jason is a glorified pencil pusher, as I am 'Git', I decided to create this spoof picture of James Bond for his Birthday.
Xmas 2002 A graphic I create for Christmas, which I send to clients and frieinds alike. I grew a tash taht year... I think I look like Inspector Cleusoe.   With friends like these... Winston is a good friend of mine (And I have the paper work to prove it). So for his Birthday I created this stylish picture (A.C.P Stands For Associated Computer Professional... or in Winstons case A Classy Pimp).   Image of the future On the right is a picture of my Dad from the 1960's, on the left is a manipulated picture of the my Dad From the future!!!
Xmas 2004 This christmas graphic (one of many) is my homage to people with guns that hate christmas. Yoe, Hoe, Boom   Xmas 2003 A graphic I create for Christmas, which I send to clients and friends alike. Don't try to analyse the thought process in creating this graphic. That way lays insanity.   Xmas 2005 A more graphically sophisticated 'piss-take' on the Yule tide season, with the MULTI-DAVID Carol Singers… but with the same old weird sense of humour
3D / Vector Images
Escape from the coloured swirl. Run, run, run Mr blond haired monkey man… the coloured swirly thing will catch you and make you turn into Julie Garland and you will have to wax the tin man… Hmmm Tin Man.   Horison. To be truly individual is to be unique in a uniform way… and a partridge in a pear tree.   Punching the Joker in the face with your fist. Nightwing battles the joker over a speed-lined city of Gotham.
Life is like a kick up the arse waiting to happen. The title says is all. It's all depends on your perspective.   Heaven or hell. The journey from heaven to hell is shrouded in a fog of human life. Meandering threw the haze of human existence… and not knowing exactly where we are headed. Or something like that anyway.   View from Saturn. If you drink 10 gallons of cider and look out of your window, you can see this… view from Saturn.
Bright eyes. What would happen if the terminator arrived in the 60's. He would wear a tight fitting top and dance the light fandango.   Captain root vegetable. Beware evil doers for the… knob jockey of the night, the bend in the sea… the hello in the sailor. It's Captain Root Vegetable.