Member of the British Computer SocietyWelcome to This site is issued to friends - colleges - and associates, whom may require my services / expertise in the computing domain. Please feel free to navigate through this web site, and view demonstrations and commercial works which I have undertaken, such as: Web Development - I.T. Based Learning - I.T. Consultant - Graphic Design - Computing Technician

I deal in all types of web-development project, from small business to large corporate work. I follow the BCS 'S model charter on the Analysis Deign Implementation Maintenance where development is concerned, with added emphases on a personal one on one raptor with a client. It's important that a web-site be developed organically, as if both the client and I where jazz musicians composing a sonnet together. As the client would provide the raw material and the idea for the web-site (i.e. text, raw images, and concept) while I will provide my experience, training, and up to date knowledge in the field.


I cover all aspects of design, from printed (the CMY model standard) to screen (the RGB model standard) to sign-writing (vector graphics). I try to keep my web-site design user friendly and consistent, emphasising substance over style. As for my printed designs? Well? My imagination knows no bounds. Be it computer assisted, maths driven, freehand or painted... the whatever you wish to see you will see, given the proper guidance of course. Design always conforms to a matter of taste, as what is sometimes desirable to one person, is not always desirable to another. Personally, the client is always right, thoe I do make my opinions known.


Now don't think that by merely buying a domain name and some hosting that people will find your web-site, oh no, you need to think of marketing as a synergised aspect of web-development. There are many-many stratagems in developing a web-site, be it meta-tags ad-words hit-counters search engine management tools social networking e-commerce ad-space as well as many more I could mention. It's always best if marketing is discussed as early as the analyst stage of development, this way I can advise and implement which marketing solution is best for you, literally making marketing an inbuilt aspect of the end-product. You can have the most snazzy and fresh looking web-site, yet if nobody knows that it's their... what's the point?


Through , you will get to know me as well as my work. I've been in web-development since 1999, and like this field, I have evolved and improved with the times. It's important that communication between myself and any prospective clients is simple and free, allowing each party to air any concerns or praise when needed. I've work primarily on my own, but if needed I can integrate myself with part of a team, and have done so on numerous occasions in my career. I am not location bound either, as thanks to the world wide web, I have done works for numerous clients in America Cyprus Sweden Pakistan China and Spain.

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