On the attack. A crazed maniac emerges from the dark undergrowth of the city, ready to attack.  

Batman reborn. When Bruce Wayne 'temporarily' gave up the mantle of the Bat in The KnightFall Saga (in the mid 1990's), The role of Batman was taken up by John Paul Valley (in a new Batsuit). This is my interpretation of that suit.

  Daredevil V's Batman. NO CONTEST, the bat will give this devil a good ass whipping.   Bat-Mahn!?!?. There is a series published by DC Comics called elseworlds, in which familuar characters are set in unfamiliar backgrounds / circumstances. This picture is based on 'What If Bat-Man Took Drugs'.
Your love is lifting me higher. GIVE love, and you will receive love GREATLY. HOLD A MAN IN THE AIR and hopefully your spirits will me LIFTED.   What you looking at?. During a rather strenuous exam period at university, I developed a squint and a rather unkempt appearance. This is a rather comical look of this manifestation.   Bruce Lee a'la me.   University Challenged!. Smoking damages your health? So does jumping off a very tall mountain. I know which one i'd rather do... and not just because its cheaper. Remeber jumping off tall mountains can damage your health.
In the heat of the night A gritty urbanised self-portrait of your's truly.  

In darkest knight Whist I was in hospital (waiting to have my first operation) I drew this and the following picture (Marv).

  Double take An atmospheric drawing of deranged sociopath.   Marv Prior to my operation, I read a graphic novel called 'Sin-City', and the main character of this book is called Marv.
Revisionist While I was revising for my final university exams, I drew this picture to take my mind off things.   Des... pair Light - Dark. Black - White. On - Off. Up - Down. All he same to me.   Homer Lone. Half Homer Simpson / half big time boss man. Doehhh!   The darker knight. The Batman as a macho, urban, cigar smoking, crusader of the night.
Itchy, Itchy... I.. I.. R.. R.. Have you ever tried to grow a beard? What do you mean you can't? Being female is no excuse, have you not heard of equal rights!!!   Ghost Vision. My visual interpritation of ghost vision. Its the same as xray vision, exept you have to be dead to have it. Don't delay... Get ghost vision today... The cost... your life.   Feed me... Itchy dingle dangle dingle, itchy dingo doo, going once, going twice, sold to fu manchu - Spike Milligan.   IT'S........ SUPER… MAHN!
The eyes have it?!?!?. Never hook up your eyes to an electric generator powerd by electrified imps and gremlins. You may get burnt... or at the very least you will have to cut your hair again.   Darkness is a state of mind, not a state in America. Never wear dark glasses while eating a live tiger, it can seriously damage your health.   Anger is a word, pain is a feeling Wayyyyyyyy heheheheyyy… you make me want to shout.   I dream of... Never eat cheese before you go to bed. Or you will dream of exploding building tumbling down around your ears, enormous Batmen screaming and shouting to the heavens, High winds blowing at you from all directions, crazy jazz music will be echoing around your head… Never eat cheese.