COMPUTERS - I Have Been In The Computing Industry Since My Formative Years And Would Like To Specialise In The HCI And Multimedia Domain.

ART - As Well As Being Appreciative Of Fine Art I Have Been Known To Flex My Creative Muscles And Create Pictures Using A PC Or By Hand.

TRAVEL - I enjoy travelling abroad and I have enjoyed acclimatising to the countries I have visited. Countries such as: Sweden (Stockholm), America (New York), France (Paris), Rhodes and my native land of Cyprus. The world is a big place, I have only touched it. I plan sporadic travel in the future.

INSPIRATIONS - Bruce Lee, Batman, Robin, Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen, The Pythons, The Goons, Stevie Wonder, Jack The Ripper, Ray Charles & Homer Simpson.

MOVIES - I have a rather large collection of DVD's and videos. My tastes in movies are few and far between, varying from old English Elstree classic comedies to Americanised pulp crime dramas. My favourite actors are people such as Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, Peter & Dud, Morecombe & Wise, The Two Ronnies, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, Michael Caine, English 80's fringe comics, The Pythons, Mel Brooks and actors of their ilk.

SAYINGS - Dont Give It, Grrrmmn !?!, Boooooo, Are You Serious !!!, What Wall !!!!, But I'm Disabled !!!!, There Are None So Blind As Those Who WILL Not See.

SPORTS - I Like To Play A Game Of Snooker Or Pool Ay My Local Pool Club Or Visit My Local Dog-Track (Catford) For An Occasional Flutter On The Greyhounds. MUSIC - It Has Been Said That I Have The Most Diverse Taste In Music. I Listen To Great Musicians Such As Boney M, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, The Beegees, Coolio, Diana Ross, The Village People, The Beatles, Four Seasons And John Denver. Nuff Said.